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SFFC One High Scores

GameDescriptionView High Scores
CludusCludus is a simple, fun card game that can keep your attention for hours.View High Scores
Property GameProperty Game is a simply-structured real estate game in which you must negotiate various business deals in order to grow a small community.View High Scores
Forest Park GameThe Forest Park Game is a monopoly-based challenge based off of the landmarks in Forest Park, St. Louis.View High Scores
Popcorn GameIn the Popcorn Game, you run a popcorn shop in a movie theater. You try to make money by selling popcorn to moviegoers.View High Scores
CanjeBased in the depths of mystical caverns, Canje is a money-management game in which you buy, sell, and find precious metals in underground chambers.View High Scores
Flying Cube GameIn this game, you try to destroy every cube flying around your screen by clicking on it. This can be more difficult than it sounds.View High Scores